Trio- Against all odds


This is a Friends-Only Journal


If you your Journal is blank(ie No Entries), you have friends who friended you back, and don't watch any community (besides the *default* Comms like News), I WILL NOT friend you either.

Sorry, but if you don't write on your journal, you don't comment, you don't have mutual friends, and you don't participate in any community- why do  you want to friend me?

I'll only friend back who comment to the *THIS* post. (and have a minimum LJ activity)

This is My PERSONAL JOURNAL:. I DON'T post my art/fics here. </big>

*sweetie_art is my ArtWork Journal

*sweet_fics is my fic journal.

*You will find my Icons @ wordsandcolors.


Please, read my PROFILE for more information. **********
A Super ultra big kiss and hug to all my dears LJ Friends.
You really rock guys!

ETA: MY FICS ARE ON HOLD. HIATUS. I intend to finish them. Someday. Don't know when. Life got in the way, really.
Joe: Mysterious skin2

Long time no see

Gosh. I don't even know what to say.
After a long- LONG- time I finally logged on LJ and I have to say am lost here. Trying to catch up.Well,sorta.
Blame on you, Facebook! (you can friend me there if you want!)
But I don't intend to disapear.
Hope everyone is good and well.

Yeah,I've missed here.